White Wine

The vines are grown with a minimal use of chemical protection and green harvesting is done in July, which limits the yield and, thus, leaves only the best grapes. The grapes are picked by hand and placed in shallow 9 kg grape crates in order to avoid premature grape berry burst and release of grape juice, then they are cooled and  crushed directly into the tank without the use of pumps. Fermentation takes place in new and old barriques made of Hungarian, French and American oak. The same is true for malolactic fermentation. The wine is left on lees to age for a minimum of 10 months.

Serving temperature: 8-12°C

Wine varieties: Chardonnay 100%

Appelation: Fruska gora mountain, Banstol, Veliki vrhovi (own vineyard)

Elevation: 220-250 m

Vine density: 5300 vines per hectare

Yield: 1 kg per vine

Soil: clay, limestone

Aspect: south-south east