Saga is a word which, in its broadest sense, denotes a long story or an account of an event, shared in the form of oral storytelling.  The word stems from Old Norse and used to mean something that was narrated or conveyed orally. Today it is also used outside of the context of Nordic literature and refers to multi-volume complex literary works, i.e. epic prose which covers a long time period, often chronicling the history of a family.

Temperatura posluživanja: 10°C

Sortni sastav: Sauvignon blanc, Sémillon

Lokacija vinograda: Fruška Gora, Čortanovci, Srednji breg (sopstveni zasad)

Nadmorska visina: 250-280 m

Gustina sadnje: 5300 čokota po hektaru

Prinos: 1kg / čokotu

Zemljište: glina, krečnjak

Orijentacija: južna padina