Sparkling Babaroga

Babaroga is a high-ranking witch from Slavic mythology who has, over many centuries, had a dominant influence in the chastising of ill-mannered children. Her most recognizable features are a horn, a big nose with a wart, missing teeth, a witch’s staff and the cave she lives in. Children have long since figured her out and don’t believe in her anymore, but the word ‘Babaroga!’ is now used in slang instead of the slightly forgotten ‘Wicked!’ to express something awesome or exceptionally good…

Temperatura posluživanja: 10°C

Sortni sastav: Sauvignon blanc, Sémillon

Lokacija vinograda: Fruška Gora, Čortanovci, Srednji breg (sopstveni zasad)

Nadmorska visina: 250-280 m

Gustina sadnje: 5300 čokota po hektaru

Prinos: 1kg / čokotu

Zemljište: glina, krečnjak

Orijentacija: južna padina