Graffiti is a means of conveying messages in the form of writings or drawings scribbled on a surface in a public place. The origin of graffiti dates far back in history, all the way to the prehistoric paintings on cave walls, but in today’s sense of the word it has its roots in ancient Rome where you had to scrawl graffiti on the wall if you wanted to share a message with the public. The walls of Pompeii are covered with examples of this ancient Roman custom.   Modern graffiti artists mainly use airbrush and stencils in their work, while their motifs and techniques are decidedly diverse. They represent authentic art of the new age, often misunderstood and underrated by the conservative public. It is a paradox that that these works of art are free and available to everyone while their authors are often pursued by the police and have to create deeply underground.

Temperatura posluživanja: 10°C

Sortni sastav: Sauvignon blanc, Sémillon

Lokacija vinograda: Fruška Gora, Čortanovci, Srednji breg (sopstveni zasad)

Nadmorska visina: 250-280 m

Gustina sadnje: 5300 čokota po hektaru

Prinos: 1kg / čokotu

Zemljište: glina, krečnjak

Orijentacija: južna padina